Mazda Showrooms

The most prominently discussed showrooms from Delek Motors (BMW/MINI/MAZDA/FORD)

Two buildings, four double-height floors, 6 meters each.

These are undoubtedly the most elaborate and complex showrooms ever planned and executed in Israel.

The envelope systems are as demanding as the top-of-the-line brands on display in the showrooms: giant glass panes 8.2 m in width, an 18 m entrance atrium with no horizontal supports, a triangular geometrical façade with spatial corners and stainless-steel cladding on all exterior and interior profiles.

To meet these demands, Alum Eshet developed a unique curtain wall system for the project, in profile dimensions never produced before, designed to withstand strong wind loads and resist air and water, and worked to a high standard of execution. In addition, architectural precast concrete cladding with a thickness of 80 mm and20 mm was implemented in a unique system with variable dimensions that combine lighting channels.


Project Video:

Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet