The office building of Stratasys, a leader in 3D print technology, is part of an advanced complex of offices with two 6-story buildings connected by a transparent steel and glass atrium.

The building envelope incorporates semi-structural glazed curtain walls with hidden windows. In the façade of prefabricated concrete elements we incorporated windows in curtain walls in a clean line with the glass and external concrete. The entire building is installed with Guardian SNX 50/23 glazed glass for excellent thermal control. The atrium is covered with a steel and glass construction hung on the building’s roof, with horizontal shading that provides solar protection with maximum transparency. The building also has a 700m2 Okalux 3D glass skylight above the atrium, the first of its kind in Israel. This glass incorporates a built-in, three-dimensional shading element, which calculates and simulates solar radiation to produce shade and let natural light in by deflecting heat rays from the building as needed during the day, saving energy for air conditioning and lighting.