The structure of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a major architectural icon on the street parallel to Rothschild Boulevard and at the foot of the Shalom Tower. This project is a breakthrough in terms of design and integration of the advanced envelope systems implemented therein.

The structure is characterized by a double skin facade, a combination of a glazed curtain wall affixed with an external system of printed glass louvers, with stepping surfaces in-between, for the cleaning and maintenance of the facades.

The unique shading system, which gives the building character and an innovative look in the heart of Tel Aviv, filters maximum radiation and enables the penetration of natural light, while preventing glare and preserving users’ connections with the landscape.

In addition, a blast-resistant system was implemented on the first 6 floors, using innovative technology of energy absorption frames, which do not affect the appearance of the envelope. The double-beveled skylight at the top of a 55 m high atrium together with glass and wood railings give the building its exceptional appearance and character