Alum Eshet’s production array is spread across two factories (15,000 square meters) with three main characteristics

  • Innovative machinery employing the most advanced technologies in the world.
  • A quality control system throughout production until the material is sent to the site.
  • A management team with extensive experience in aluminum and steel systems.

The quality control system is customized for each project and its unique needs, and includes:

  • Testing a prototype in our factory’s testing lab, which tests the system’s resistance to wind pressure by project parameters as well as its impermeability to wind and water.
  • Sampling tests, starting with a prototype test before serial production.
  • A sample test to examine the production processes throughout the project.
  • Processing Department: We are proud of our large and state-of-the-art machinery system: 3 CNC machines, 3 double-headed saws, 2 wall cladding processing machines.
  • Adhesive Department: We specialize in gluing sheets to aluminum and steel profiles using two-sided adhesive tape and structural silicone.
Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet