Vitania Tower

The tower is in the northern part of the Ramat Hahayal compound in Tel Aviv and rises to 18 stories.

For this project, we developed an advanced and smart version of the Climatic Double skin facade system, using the stick system method and combines two glass skins with a mechanically ventilated air cavity in between and an electric blind. The dual system allows natural light into the office spaces, while preventing glare and filtering direct solar radiation using the electric shutters that are connected to the control system. The system follows the sun and optimizes the use of shading.

In addition, a controlled ventilation system ensures low temperatures adjacent to the curtain wall, along with easy maintenance.

The use of the advanced system creates a transparent and neutral look of the building facades, along with building control systems. These make Vitania Tower a well-adapted smart building, which is energy efficient and convenient for its users.

Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet