Tel Aviv district court house

The Tel Aviv Courthouse is a 22-storey building featuring architecture that emphasizes the use of material with an interesting combination of concrete, aluminum and glass.

On the northern, southern and eastern elevations, a unique Climatic Double Skin Facade curtain wall system was implemented, which uses the air-conditioned air in the building to cool the façade, promote user comfort, and permit significant energy savings. The system also contains electrical shading blinds installed in the cavity between the glass panels and connected to the building’s control system.

On the west elevation, used by judges moving between their chambers and the courtrooms, is a stick system curtain wall glazed with different kinds of glass and metal sheets, installed about 1.5 meters away from the building’s skeleton, anchored using molded steel anchors, on which a stepping surface was affixed for the passage of maintenance personnel.

Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet