The company’s front line, responsible for taking a project from vision to reality.

We see ourselves as a true partner to the architect of a project, and see our role as creating the perfect balance between the envelope’s appearance and optimizing the building’s functionality and comfort for its users. Our goal is to find the right solution and plan every last detail before we begin, to ensure an exceptional result.

We specialize in advanced, innovative and groundbreaking solutions with advanced 2D and 3D design software. These programs enable analysis and detailed planning of complex structures and spaces and a deep understanding of the building’s geometry. For us, detailed planning, which accounts for all construction work and allows superior production and installation is key to a project’s success.

We also specialize in developing advanced systems tuned to each project’s needs. To arrive at the best solution, we perform an initial analysis of the project’s requirements and unique characteristics as well as its architectural, functional and aesthetic requirements. Together with the planning team, we develop the most appropriate system.

The Division Structure:

The development and engineering division of Alum Eshet is the largest and most experienced in Israel in the building envelope field.
The department is comprised of 30 engineers, architects and draftsmen, who strive to match the perfect solution to each project, and plan and implement the systems according to the architect’s plans. The team is also in charge of research and development of new systems depending on project requirements.

  • The largest, most experienced development and engineering department in Israel
  • Advanced, innovative and groundbreaking solutions
  • Advanced system development according to project requirements
Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet