At Alumeshet, excellence and engineering precision are supreme values. 📐☝🏻

In fact, about 4.0 years ago we established a dedicated team, headed by 👉🏻 Erez Koteck, for engineering planning and static calculations of projects we execute.

Erez, who is the company’s Structural Engineer, manages the team’s tasks and ensures its professionalism while contending with highly complex engineering challenges. ❗💪🏻
One of the challenges can be wind load establishing, which is already conducted in the initial project planning stages, usually by means of the code traditional method is used to check wind loads on the construction façade. In this method we take into account the geometry of the surrounding area and the surface along with the structure facades. 🏦🌬

Several months ago, we integrated new and special software for numerical simulations of wind flow (digital wind tunnel) around buildings and generating wind loads, i.e. forces acting on these buildings.
to further enhance the engineering team’s work.
This offers an alternative to the wind tunnel and enables maximum precision in calculating the wind loads exerted on the façade.

Here are some examples from the simulation. 😃👇🏻