So what is a smart system?💡

The Amdocs campus, currently under construction, includes buildings that combine several smart and innovative systems. Among them the ventilation system that operates in the double skin open cavity type curtain walls we developed for several new building facades.

Alumeshet engineers performed engineering analysis in order to assess the environmental conditions that develop within the curtain walls during the course of the year.☝🏻📐 The study was based on a range of factors that affect the functioning of the system, among them: data about the climate in the area, solar🌞 and night radiation, wind regime, building material properties, thermodynamics, air flow pathways, changes in air density, static pressure, architectural constraints, geometry, and the water and air insulation level.

The work method chosen based on the study findings was ventilation of the facades by local blowers. In the first stage, fresh air will enter through the bottom part of the curtain wall and exit from the top. Filters and dampers will be installed inside the curtain walls to regulate the airflow.🌬 The facades will then be dried using air drying systems. Each unit will extract moist air from the upper part of the wall and return dry air to the upper part of the wall. Finally, the ventilation system and the drying system will operate according to the sensor readings and the defined Function Description Specification.

👉🏻See the tremendous progress on the ground.🙂💚👏🏻