While we waited… here it is! 📢😊

The Alpha Tower project, which combines a hotel, residences and commerce as part of the Yitzhak Sadeh complex, Tel Aviv has come to an end! 👏🏻🤸🏻‍♂️ In order to fulfill the architectural vision, we designed and developed exclusive aluminum products together with the Klil company and the aluminum consultant, Yonan Yulevich, which include, among other things, showcases exiting to the balcony, windows and unique connections to the doors to create harmony between all the systems while taking into account the challenging structures. 💪🏻 The combination of the white horizontal elements against the horticulture of the tower, express the movement of the sea waves, 🌊 which produces dynamism and rhythm that integrates urban and corresponds with the characteristics of the White City. 🕺🏻

Sure you noticed that a spectacular and unique tower has climbed in the landscape ☝🏻 and if you missed it, the pictures can speak for themselves. 😄