Book the November 7, 2022, in your diaries 📢📅

We are proud to host the world’s leading facades conference 🌏 for the first time in #israel 💙 Zak World of Façades which lands in the leading city in the field of building envelopes 👈🏻 Tel Aviv ⭐ which joins international conferences presented in major cities of the world such as London, Paris and New York.

The conference will present the design of advanced technologies alongside innovations in the field of the building facades and challenges in the construction industry, which will be led by architects, consultants, engineers, solution providers, project managers and entrepreneurs from the most professionals in Israel and the world including Alumeshet 💪🏻😊
Among the panel members and speakers, will present our CEO Rafi Ben Ezra, and the the Director of the Planning Department, Hillel Setton.

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Zak World of Facades Conference