We have one ☝🏻 planet [or at least one that we can exist on as of 2022🙃].

Alumeshet is proud to take part in the sustainability revolution efforts in the construction world, aimed at reducing the negative impact of buildings on the environment and to promoting ecological construction.🌎

And you’re probably asking how?

Our guiding principle for sustainable construction begins with planning that takes into consideration climate change as well as tenant and user needs. We achieve this by integrating knowledge and advanced technologies into the construction and development processes for informed resource consumption.

For example the Matam Haifa project which was designed by Yashar Architects at the highest standards and according to the LEED Gold standard, a U.S. environmental standard and the most recognized worldwide.

As part of the client’s requirements for green buildingת, 🏡 and in particular for radiation filtering, Alumeshet engineers performed numerous simulations and calculations of various glass compositions in the curtain walls, with respect to both filtering and architectural aspects.

We placed an emphasis on the relationship between high penetration of light 🌡☀ and the architectural requirements of glass that will not be too dark. We achieved this by printing almost indistinguishable small black dots on the glass, significantly improving radiation filtering, both externally and internally.