The word “mega” comes from the Greek “megas,” which means “big 🏛 .”

We want to connect you to the investment-intensive mega-project, the Da Vinci Complex, Tel Aviv.

One of the technological challenges we faced was realization of the architectural vision, to develop a minimal anchor with minimum external protrusion.

This is a very challenging anchoring in terms of the connection to the curtain wall and the combined static durability and design concept ⚙📓📐📝.

To achieve this we produced special alloys from aluminum and fastening accessories from various materials, while meticulously performing static calculations modeling the anchor and analyses using the finite elements method.

All this was performed while calculating harnessing and thermal spreads in order to provide the engineering solution by creating various versions of the item, from concept design through to the perfect product 🎯✔. The result? See for yourself 😊👌🏻