One of Alum Eshet’s major specialties is exterior wall cladding. Alum Eshet develops, supplies and creates custom-made cladding to give each structure its very own aesthetics and functionality. The design, the selection of materials and the detailed execution are tailored to each project according to its needs and to the architect’s vision.

Our company both uses and introduces a wide range of materials to the market, as well as designs and produces innovative cladding systems, giving each building a unique aesthetic and extraordinary appearance.

The types of cladding we create include:

Metal Sheet Cladding

Cladding with an air-ventilated façade creates a metallic and novel exterior. The cladding is made of aluminum sheets 2-3 mm thick and with composite metal sheets from leading European manufacturers. Alum Eshet is meticulous in working with raw materials of the highest quality, and demonstrates high planning capabilities and extensive project experience.

Sample projects:

Glass Cladding

Glass panel cladding on top of built walls creates a glittering and prestigious exterior. The cladding is made of panels of painted glass, and the range of possible shades is unlimited. Glass cladding is highly resistant corrosion and has a long functional life. The glass plates are applied by bonding to frames or mechanical joints. Alum Eshet has extensive experience developing unique installation methods which were implemented in various projects.

Sample Project:

HPL Cladding

High pressure laminate cladding uses processed (by heat or pressure) panels made of various components such as wood, paper and resin. The variety of cladding finishes  that can be created with HPL panels allow architects maximum flexibility in the selection of shades, textures, in execution methods and other details.

The plates are mounted on a flat and precise aluminum substrate, using both visible or concealed assembly methods. The boards are UV resistant and fire resistant according to European and Israeli standards and are suitable for the Israeli climate.

Architectural Concrete Cladding

The use of concrete as an external finishing material in building cladding is gaining momentum. Reversion to a natural look is becoming increasingly popular. Specific concrete cladding panel installation products and techniques were created to allow high levels of accuracy, intricate details of performance and a natural concrete appearance. From 80mm thick steel reinforcement plates to 20mm ultra-high-performance concrete plates, this innovative technology lets architects suspend ultra-large panels on a precise aluminum system that maximizes execution accuracy.

Sample Project:

Stone Cladding

New manufacturing technologies combined with advanced installation techniques have created the latest in natural-looking building cladding.

Artificial stone slabs – artificially manufactured in large sizes of 3.2 meters in length and in a wide variety of shades and textures allowing flexibility of design and planning, long-term safety and reliability, and precise installation.

Sample Project:

Cement plate cladding

This cladding gives architects a wide range of design options and high-grade, precise installation techniques, making the most of the large-scale panels. The panels give buildings a natural concrete look. The types of plates used include: fiber cement, C, GR, GFRC, which vary in strength, composition, absorption and appearance. Alum Eshet specializes in matching the right envelope to each project, planning and implementing the cladding system with leading plate manufacturers.

Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet