Another project completed! Depot Petach Tikva is the light rail operation and maintenance center in northern Petach Tikva, between the Yarkon River and Em Hamoshavot Road, which will connect with the Red Line via a designated track. The 5,500 m2 project will have the capacity to store more than 100 train cars! The project incorporates curtain wall solutions for a number of buildings in the compound; for security, maintenance, management offices, the main operational area of the light rail, and more. In addition, we developed and installed curtain walls that hang from a steel construction at the entrances to the various buildings. In the maintenance building we constructed 18 aluminum and glass sloping roofs that enable penetration of natural light, at an angle that does not cause glare and does not interfere with activity in the internal spaces. In the office buildings we installed glass partitions, railings, cladding solutions and more.

Architect: Mann-Shinar Architects and City Planners

Client: NTA

Developer: Shikun & Binui -Solel Boneh

Aluminum Consultant: Landman Aluminum Ltd.

Photography: Omri Amsalem