Menorah House

The office tower of Menorah Mivtachim in Ramat Gan is 36 stories high and has a total facade area of ​​26,000 sqm. This unique project combines three advanced envelope systems, which were developed and adapted to the specific requirements of the project and its design.

On the western elevation a twisted façade with a climatic double-skin facade system was created, with the outer layer of unitized curtain wall structurally glazed, while each unit bent to 16 mm in diameter to achieve the unique geometry of the facade. On the inside a floor to ceiling system is installed with service doors for the maintenance of the electric blinds installed inside the mechanically ventilated cavity. on the southern façade, a transparent elevator shaft, about 400 tons of steel, which serves both the building elevators and as a sub-construction for the transparent glass wall. The building also boasts a stick system which incorporates glass panes 4 meters in height as well as manual Venetian blinds.


Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet