Project Management

The driving force of the project, managing all relevant departments.

For us, a successful project is more than just an excellent building envelope completed on time; it’s a successful project in which everyone involved met their objectives. At Alumeshet, we believe that tailored and committed project management that puts the project’s needs first and forges a true partnership with the customer’s management and planning team is key to meeting this goal.


About the Project Management Division

The division has around 50 employees, including 15 dedicated project managers, site managers, team managers, and installers. Each project has several permanent team members: a dedicated project manager responsible for all operations to project completion. A site manager, responsible for onsite logistic coordination, quality assurance, and management of the installation workers to ensure a quality finished product and meet deadlines. Alumeshet has developed unique methods, procedures and quality control processes that ensure we provide the highest quality product and also empower our clients to review our work as it progresses .



Additional Departments under Project Management:

Project Management Office

Alum Eshet invests considerable resources in managing detailed and efficient timetables, which are implemented  by our project teams and customers. Thanks to that, we can plan the many operations properly and provide leeway to our customers’ planning and management teams. Alum Eshet therefore established a unique  P.M.O department in.

Customer Service

Completing a project is a significant milestone for us, but even more important, it is the start of a long-term relationship with our customers and with the people who work and live in our buildings. Our customer service department handles service calls, updates and ongoing maintenance of completed projects, even after many years.

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