Green Solutions🍀🌳

The architectural requirements for building a special three-dimensional envelope while providing sustainability solutions challenges us to plan the use of unique materials, for example “ETFE”, a particularly strong polymer sheet that is air-inflated in a cushion structure and allows for an unusual geometry. 💎🌬

Together with our subsidiary Sapirium [which specializes in this type of work], we are carrying out the skylight roofing envelope work of 4 skylights in the Wix project, which includes use of this material.

One of the significant advantages of ETFE is its negligible weight, which requires a minimal construction structure compared to glass roofing. Maintenance of this material is very simple, and damaged sheets are easily replaced at a low cost.

The material also has high thermal and acoustic insulation properties under changing environmental conditions such as radiation and temperature.🪐

And the result?

Right in front of you.🙂