Project Name Year Location Scope Architect Initiator Product
Amdocs 2021 Raanana 45000 sqm Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Amdocs Curtain walls, Special development, Skylight, Shade, Railings, Doors, Green Building
National Library of Israel 2020 Jerusalem 3000 sqm Amir Mann / Ami Shinar Architects & planners + Herzog & de Meuron Natioal Library Curtain walls, Special development, Shielding, Skylight
The Polansky Academy 2015 Jerusalem 3000 square meters Chyutin Architects Van Leer Institute Curtain walls, special design, skylight, handrails
The Geological Institute 2017 Jerusalem 22000 square meters Tafnit Wind Planning Geological Survey Curtain walls, protection systems, sustainability, skylight, cladding
Tel Aviv district court house 2013 Tel Aviv 14000 square meters Rechter Architects Israel's courts administration Curtain walls, sustainability
Lubinsky 2014 Rishon Lezion 10000 square meters Peleg Architects Lubinsky Group Curtain walls, skylight, cladding
Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital - Inpatient Tower 2009 Jerusalem 18000 square meters Spector Amisar Architects Hadassah Hospital Curtain walls, windows, skylight, blinds
Ispro Planet Be’er Sheva 2015 Beer Sheva 12000 square meters BLK Architects & Town Planners Ispro-Property & Building Cladding, curtain walls, skylight
Atidim Tower 2011 Tel Aviv 30000 square meters Zarchi Architects Kiryat Atidim Curtain walls, cladding, skylight
The Museum of Tolerance, Jerusalem 2018 Jerusalem 4500 square meters Aedas architects (USA), Chyutin Architects Simon Wiesenthal Foundation Curtain walls, special design, skylight, railings
Herzfeld Hospital in Kaplan Hospital 2017 Rehovot 8000 square meters Uzi Gordon Architects and Town Planners Clalit Health Fund Curtain walls, skylight, railings, shading, blinds
Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet