Project Name Year Location Scope Architect Initiator Product
The Da Vinci project - Offices 2020 Tel Aviv 15000 square meters Yashar Architect Acro Real Estate, Canada-Israel curtain walls, shadings
The Da Vinci project - Residential 2020 Tel Aviv 56000 square meters Yashar Architect Acro Real Estate, Canada-Israel curtain walls, blinds, doors, railings
Microsoft Herzliya In Execution Herzliya 30000 square meters Yashar Architects Acro Real Estate, Canada-Israel, Tidhar Group Sustainability, curtain walls, cladding
Acro Tower 2019 Tel Aviv 18000 square meters m-y-s architects Acro Real Estate Curtain walls, Cladding
National Library of Israel 2020 Jerusalem 3000 sqm Amir Mann / Ami Shinar Architects & planners + Herzog & de Meuron Natioal Library Curtain walls, Special development, Shielding, Skylight
Champion Tower 2013 Bnei Brak 35000 square meters Moore Yaski Sivan architects Allied Curtain walls, cladding, special design, railings
Leumi Card Tower 2019 Bnei Brak 18000 sqm MYS architects (עברית) אלייד curtain walls, cladding
White Beach - Asia Group 2018 Hedera 16000 square meters Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners Asia Group curtain walls, doors, windows
Mataf House 2015 Maayan Sorek Industrial Area 14500 square meters Peleg Architects The First International Bank Standard glazing curtain wall, sustainability: Photovoltaic cells covering, 4 mm composite metal cladding.
Ziv Towers 2002 Tel Aviv, Ramat Hahayal 12000 square meters Lerman Architects Rad Bynet Properties Curtain walls, shading system
CU Business center 2015 Tel Aviv, Ramat Hahayal 18000 square meters Moore Yaski Sivan architects Tidhar and the Sofrin Group Curtain walls, cladding
Edgar 360 In execution Tel Aviv 8500 square meters Lerman Architects Edgar Curtain walls, protection systems, windows
SUTIN 29 2014 Tel Aviv 7500 square meters Giora Rotman Architects Naveh Shuster Curtain walls, windows, doors, blinds
Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital - Inpatient Tower 2009 Jerusalem 18000 square meters Spector Amisar Architects Hadassah Hospital Curtain walls, windows, skylight, blinds
Alrov Tower 1998 Tel Aviv 7500 square meters Moore Yaski Sivan architects Alrov Curtain walls
Genery 2 2017 Jerusalem 10000 square meters Kolker Kolker Epstein Architects Shikun & Binui using the DBOT method Windows, curtain walls, shielding, shading
Sapir Tower 2018 Ramat Gan 26000 square meters Peleg Architects, Miloslavsky Architects Aviv, Tidhar, Rogovin Curtain Walls
Herzfeld Hospital in Kaplan Hospital 2017 Rehovot 8000 square meters Uzi Gordon Architects and Town Planners Clalit Health Fund Curtain walls, skylight, railings, shading, blinds
Rothschild 1 2010 Tel Aviv 18000 square meters Yashar Architects Habas Group Curtain walls, railings, cladding, blinds
HaZahav Mall 2013 Rishon Lezion 8000 square meters Moore Yaski Sivan architects Moshe and Yigal Gindi Curtain walls, railing, cladding, skylight
Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet